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Today, fountain pens have become a writing instrument of great distinction, a few years ago it was an object as commonplace as any pen can be today.

The fountain pens claim the pleasure of writing by hand, it is something unique, which gives you the opportunity to connect in a unique way with the art of writing, for the inspiration it brings when writing long texts or the pleasure of seeing how the ink penetrates the paper with the mere fact of caressing it.

To choose the fountain pen that best suits us, we have to think about what kind of use we are going to give it and that it suits our needs. There are several options for which to venture into buying a fountain pen, for example:

For daily use, for special occasions, for collection or for the simple fact of being an object that brings back great memories of your past.

For daily use, a robust and comfortable pen is advisable. For a more occasional use we can opt for much more elaborate, ornate pieces and even limited editions. That said, it does not mean that for everyday use you can not use a great piece limited edition, it’s all a matter of taste.

Once we are clear about what type of pen best suits our tastes and use, we will have to analyze the characteristics that make it up, which vary greatly from one model to another.

1. Nib

It can be made of various materials such as gold, steel, rhodium, among others. Most nibs have an iridium tip to prevent wear and tear and affect the quality of writing. The softness, flexibility and durability of the piece will depend on the material.

2. Body

Resin, celluloid or ebonite are usually the most used materials, because they allow the instrument to be much lighter, the material of which the body is made can help us a lot to detect the quality of the pen. In the cheaper versions we usually find that the bodies are made of plastic.

3. Stopper

The closure system of the pen comes in several formats, which can be screw, pressure and retractable system. Each of these formats is suitable and does not imply that one or the other is of higher quality.

4. Clips

For pens there are many varieties of clips, from the simplest to the most ornate and detailed, there are also fountain pens that lack them.

But they have optimal functionalities such as the transport of the pen inside the pocket and that it does not tip over… also that it does not roll on the table.

 What about the charging systems?

Last but not least we have the loading systems, which over the years have been changing and modifying to make them as optimal as possible, we currently have loading by cartridges and converters or plungers.

Previously used systems such as dropper loading (Eyedropper), ink tablets, auto filling system, side lever, half moon, vacumatic, vacuum pump, aero metric loading (touchdown and snorkel) a whole world of systems.

Each of these filling systems has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on the consumer’s taste.

If you are just starting in the world of fountain pens, now you know a little more about them, and it will be easier for you, according to your needs, to choose the perfect pen. Find in our pen catalog those little jewels of your future collection or the piece you were looking for to resume your writing.

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