Our History

Luxury & Collections Co. was born out of a passion and fondness for writing objects, long before our generation. We are a family group, lovers of writing and luxury collections that have inherited this tradition for generations.

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What we do

We bring collectibles back to life, we are specialists in collectable fountain pens, watches and lighters

At Luxury & Collections Co. we take care of bringing all those damaged or forgotten items back to life. From the moment we obtain the items, they go through a series of restoration processes before being put back on the market.

The first process all collectibles go through is the appraisal exam, they are taken to the repair shop and thoroughly checked to see what they need.

Once they are repaired and their mechanism works correctly, they go to the beautification department. There, our experts are in charge of giving them the best finish and taking out their best version so that the item looks its own.

Finally they are transferred to the photography studio, where they have a photo session … some of us fell in love and we left them for our collection and others we put on sale.

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